The Butterholic story started with the desire of wanting to provide proper french pastries to customers by using high quality ingredients and actively changing the flavours of the croissants.

 Marius, the pastry chef behind the brand, was captivated by the French bakeries when he visited Paris for the first time, more than 7 years ago. The rich smell of fresh pastries and bread, the different techniques used to make the products and the dedication behind the scenes were so fascinating to Marius, that he decided he was going to become a pastry chef.

  At the age of 20, he joined the art of pastry making by taking on a job as a tourier in Paris, however as most French pastry chefs start training when they are in college, he had to demonstrate that he can learn fast and keep up with the demand. He needed to make around 1000 pastries a day at the bakery he worked, but he took on this challenge and perfected his skills. 

 After training in Paris for a year, he decided to move to Liverpool. He has been working for several bakeries in the past 7 years, whilst also completing qualification courses in cookery and patisserie at the City of Liverpool College.  

 He has recently decided to share his talent by joining a more independent venture. This project looks to provide a special product to customers and a tasting experience that they will remember. Marius likes to keep things simple and for him it is important that whilst new flavours are introduced, the classic taste of croissant is also maintained. It is all about finding a balance. The recipe used contains high quality butter & French flour, two of the most important ingredients, which are chosen carefully to ensure that the final product satisfies every customer's expectation.

 Pastries addicted to butter and made with passion - home baking at its finest!