Our Story

Great stories start from the garage. Ours did too, but let's take you back to the beginning.
Marius, our co-founder and head baker, joined the art of pastry making at the age of 20 when he took on a job as a tourier in Paris. After training in Paris for a year, he decided to move to Liverpool. He worked for several award winning bakeries in Liverpool, Manchester and Ingleton, whilst also completing qualification courses in cookery and patisserie at the City of Liverpool College. 
In 2021, Marius decided to start making pastries from his own kitchen and sell them locally. The love and the positive feedback shown by our customers, as well as the fast growing demand meant that things had to develop faster than initially planned. The Butterholic journey progressed from a domestic to a commercial oven in a matter of weeks. At the time, there were no units available to rent, so the garage got turned into a bakery. And then the magic followed. We built the online shop and we started providing pastries to locations across the North West. Shortly after, we moved into a new premises in Speke, which has been our home since November 2021. 
Our team has now grown and we all have an immense passion for viennoiserie. We love that we are able to share this passion with our customers.
Here, at The Butterholic, we like to maintain the classic taste of croissant, whilst also introducing new flavours. It is all about finding the right balance. The recipes we use for our dough contain high quality butter & French flour, two of the most important ingredients, which are chosen carefully to ensure that the final product satisfies every customer's expectation.
We are constantly improving and our promise is that the quality of our products will never be compromised. We want to always offer you the best possible experience. 
Pastries addicted to butter and made with passion - artisanal baking at its finest!