Croissants + Coffee
Croissants + Coffee at Lunko by the Lane - Powered by The Butterholic.
At Lunko, we offer a delectable assortment of sweet and savoury pastries that delight the senses, whether you're seeking a comforting treat or a savoury delight.
Our sweet selection of pastries will transport you to a world of culinary delight. From flakey Croissants that melt in your mouth to Supremes, Cruffins and Danishes bursting with flavour, every bite is a symphony of taste and texture. We are also committed to providing an exciting range of vegan pastries, such as our Biscoff Cube or Strawberry Croissant. 

If you prefer a savoury delight, we have a range of meat & vegetarian pastries, such as the hearty spinach and feta danish, the maple & bacon swirl and vegan option, which includes the sweet potato & chickpea roll. Our savouries are a perfect balance of buttery pastry and delicious filling,

Made with the finest ingredients and crafted with precision, each pastry is a work of art that reflects our passion for culinary excellence.


But it's not just about the pastries; we take our coffee just as seriously. Our specialty coffee beans are sourced from local roastery Monkeyboard, ensuring that each cup is a revelation. Expertly brewed by our skilled baristas, our coffee is a testament to the art of extracting the perfect balance of flavours. 
We also invite you to discover our seasonal drinks, such as our decadent iced chocolate, our invigorating iced tea and the revitalizing zest of our fresh lemonade.
The chocolate flakes we use to create hot or iced chocolate are sourced from TABLE Chocolate and our tea is from Liverpool Tea Warehouse. We also provide a choice of syrups from William Fox, adding that extra special flavour to your coffee.
Beyond our delectable offerings, we pride ourselves on the warm and inviting atmosphere that fills our shop. Here, good vibes flow freely, creating a welcoming space where you can unwind and simply enjoy the present moment. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to share a smile and assist you in finding the perfect pastry and coffee pairing.
Our bakery is your sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our pastries, relish the flavours of our specialty coffee, and bask in the uplifting ambiance that surrounds you. 
Enjoy The Butterholic experience at Lunko by the Lane.
-1a Little Parkfield Road (by Lark Lane), Liverpool,L17 8UD-